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Webinar Series: Emergency Competency with Intuitive Intensive

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Emergency competency requires skills that can be built easily over time in collaborative, respectful environments. The questions we've been asking in our groups around Intuitive Intensive continue to be immediately relevant to emergency competency:

How do you make sure that the most relevant expertise in navigating hardship is included with safety for all participants in your spaces and activities?

How do you prevent violence to the most vulnerable members of a community?

How do you strengthen your capacities for sustained mutual aid, collaborative energy, and creative problem solving?

How do you incorporate daily prioritized solutions processes for the most challenging issues in a community?

How do you meet day-to-day emergency situations with steadiness, confidence, and trust in community resilience?

How to ensure professional resourcing connects where it can have the greatest positive impact and demonstrate successful, responsible practices ongoing?

How do we center what is most honorable in our interactions and in providing for the needs of a community?

How do we create environments that support our telling one another the truth?

How do we process our experiences around privilege and power?

How do we create interpretive-consciousness learning-oriented accountability in our professional and community settings?

This public webinar is being organized to continue to assist core organizers currently creating refuge for severely disabled survivors of human trafficking and invisible violence.

Success means refuge for severely disabled survivors of trafficking who have had nowhere to go -- because together, this is what we are building.

Access to the videos and text of this ongoing webinar is priced at just $25 a month. We also offer a donation option where you can choose the amount you pay, or a free ticket for anyone in hardship, no questions asked.

100% of donations go directly to support this initiative, including support for Max, core organizers, and severely affected community members in need of emergency food, shelter, and medical supplies.

To tune in to continue learning from survivors' groups compiling @IntuitiveIntensive on Telegram messenger, join our public chat at

This is a public webinar. All are invited to collaborate in the final recorded broadcast. The recording and chat text will be shared with groups and on public platforms to invite donations and support our community initiatives.


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Webinar Series: Emergency Competency with Intuitive Intensive

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