WISH YOU KNEW: From survivors To professionals

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What survivors wish you knew, but couldn’t tell you

To:  social workers, therapists, medical professionals, integrative health practitioners, and any individual with an interest in helping people

From:  severely disabled survivors of human trafficking and invisible violence

  1. The disability rights movement leaves many disabled people invisible

  2. Disabled people have been silenced for centuries, and it’s still happening now

  3. Mainstream perspectives ignore even scientific studies of disabled perspectives

  4. Hearing people who are systemically silenced requires a new way of thinking

  5. How, then, can the voices of intersectionalized disabled people be heard?

  6. Invitation to Intuitive community 

  7. Recommended reading and resources

  8. Intuitive Invisibles, co-creators, & allies

Please access this resource as a gift from us if needed in a time of hardship.

Please consider donating $5, $10, $50, $100, $500, $1000, $5000, or a more generous amount if you find yourself in a position to really give back.

Your donation will ensure safe food, safe water, safe housing, emergency supplies, and recovery resourcing for severely disabled survivors of invisible violence and human trafficking.

This document is being updated on an ongoing basis. Check back for the latest version.

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WISH YOU KNEW: From survivors To professionals

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