Webinar Series: Global Philanthropy & Wicked Problem Solving

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Our discussions of Emergency Competency and how to catalyse vibrant problem-solving resources in safe, inclusive community settings have been traveling a-pace! This webinar will focus on a particular related issue: A predisposition in global philanthropy to reach for those "tame" problems and strive to shrug off the "wicked" problems.

To learn more about tame problems, wicked problems, and solutions over which global philanthropy (you know, as a demagogue) is about to have life-changing experiences, join us to unpack this startling source of community repair nourishment.

This public webinar is being organized to continue to assist core organizers currently creating refuge for severely disabled survivors of human trafficking and invisible violence.

Success means refuge for severely disabled survivors of trafficking who have had nowhere to go -- because together, this is what we are building.

Access to the videos and text of this ongoing webinar is priced at just $25 a month. We also offer a donation option where you can choose the amount you pay, or a free ticket for anyone in hardship, no questions asked.

100% of donations go directly to support this initiative, including support for Max, core organizers, and severely affected community members in need of emergency food, shelter, and medical supplies.

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This is a public webinar. All are invited to collaborate in the final recorded broadcast. The recording and chat text will be shared with groups and on public platforms to invite donations and support our community initiatives.


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Webinar Series: Global Philanthropy & Wicked Problem Solving

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