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Gallery: Autumn Resilience in Kindness Colorado

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Max writes:

My friend Mara takes beautiful photographs. As part of our Intuitive community projects, we have been compiling her photography to share it with others.

She went for a walk on her birthday, October 28th, taking pictures. Since then, she has been filling our group space with beautiful images of brightly colored Autumn leaves from Kindness, Colorado.

This is part of the development of Mara's heart projects, including Kindness Caravan and Make Peace Life School. Synthesizing these efforts, in October 2021 we launched Denver IPR as a regional outpost of Intuitive Public Radio to assist in coordinating safe refuges and inclusive resourcing for youth and adult survivors of hardship, invisible violence, and human trafficking.

Mara's circumstances have continued to be formidable after her house was taken from her illegally, without due process, in the midst of health challenges and ongoing environmental factors we have striven to learn from and rise bravely to meet.

We're excited about projects we are coordinating with Intuitive Social Learning and other survivor-led platforms that are benefiting from Mara's awesome community ethic, care, and vibration.

We are organizing this particularly wonderful Autumn-in-Denver photography by Mara Bird as a thank you for resources donated to our lifesaving initiatives. If you are able to offer a small financial gift, we would like to send you this bundle of 36 beautiful full-color images.

Honor the vibrant life energy in these images by using them as desktop or device wallpaper, focus for meditations, writing prompts, and creative inspiration for your own art and other meaningful projects.

If you are not able to help us with money at this time, please reach out to be in touch with our Telegram network, where we are making amazing progress building resources for one another.

Mara writes:

Hello friends and family! Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I had a lovely birthday. I had ice cream and a nice meal, went for a walk among the colorful trees, had lunch in the park with a good friend, and got to experience Meow Wolf with my daughter, which was amazing!

This 49th birthday feels very important. The last of my 40s. 50s so close! I have lived a lot of life up to now. I want to update you on what has happened and what is happening now with me.

I lost my house due to unpaid taxes and a breach of due process. I haven't yet been able to talk about it without crying. When I realized I was a homeless veteran, I sought help that way, and I am living in temporary veterans’ housing in Denver. It's a nice, clean and safe space, and my daughter has her own room. I am able to stay here for two years. I am grateful.

I lost my job because I chose to draw a line to best support my physical and mental health. I am currently searching for ways to earn money.

For a little over a year now, I’ve been working with Intuitive Public Radio to build refuges for youth affected by human trafficking, mothers and families, houseless veterans, and others experiencing invisible violence.

My projects on Telegram, Make Peace Life School ( and Kindness Caravan (, are centered around the development of land I purchased in 2015 in Colorado. Although the house and some property was taken from us, our coordinated efforts on Telegram resulted in enough funds raised to save the remaining parcels of land earlier this year.

Now we are continuing toward building structures and bringing resources to those locations so that community members in need, and myself and my daughter, can have safe, supportive spaces.

On my walk, I took photographs of the beautiful autumn leaves. With the help of friends, I now have them organized into an art bundle that Intuitive is offering for donations to support my efforts.

We are working on finishing the web page now. We hoped to finish in time to safeguard my bank account, which had $10 in it, but now is overdrawn for the costs of protecting personal items in storage. My gas tank is empty.

I am including my PayPal link here for those who would like to participate meanwhile:

If you would like to receive this first folder of October photography, please consider donating an amount that is right for you to my PayPal link. Once received, I will send you the photos to enjoy.

Thank you so much for your kindness and support as I have navigated these challenges. It means a great deal to me and to the success of the work I am doing.

Join us at Make Peace Life School here:
Join us at Kindness Caravan here:

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Gallery: Autumn Resilience in Kindness Colorado

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